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High-performance Embedded Workshop



The High-performance Embedded Workshop provides a GUI-based integrated development environment for the development and debugging of embedded applications for Renesas microcontrollers.

The High-performance Embedded Workshop, a powerful yet easy to use tool suite, features an industry standard user interface and is designed using a modular approach seamlessly incorporating device family-specific C/C++ compilers and the debugger elements for various debugging platforms including emulators and evaluation boards.

This provides the user with a single interface to fully exploit the advanced capabilities of the development tools for the entire development cycle from evaluation of a device through to completion of code development.

The High-performance Embedded Workshop enables the use of the right tool for each process. The High-performance Embedded Workshop supports multiple toolchain integration enabling development for any number of projects under a single user interface.

The High-performance Embedded Workshop eliminates the need to switch environments between coding and debugging operations or between targets as all Renesas software and hardware development tools are supported under the same single user interface.

Compiler packages for the target products include High-performance Embedded Workshop. When ordering, please contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor.


  • Code and debugging support for SuperH, M32R, M16C, R8C, H8SX, H8S, and H8
  • Single environment for toolchain and debug component support
  • Choice of Network or Node-locked toolchain for Renesas and IAR compilers
  • Automatically generates start-up code for every supported CPU
  • Double click on build error and warnings to jump into the integrated editor
  • User definable custom build steps to integrate your own additional command line based tools
  • Full simulation capability
  • Supports advanced debugging features such as code profiling, performance analysis, code coverage and trace features
  • Integrated Editor with color keyword functionality.
  • Visual display of CPU hardware set-up
  • Graphical display for the number of execution cycles per function
  • Display of Cache hit-rate and pipeline state
  • Comprehensive breakpoint functionality
  • Visual debug functions including picture and waveform display
  • Single session save for build and debug
  • Macro-Recording Support function 1
  • Test Support function 2
  • Auto Update Utility 3
  • Integration with third party tools

1. Macro-Recording Support function :
The function of recording operations concerning project management, builds, and debugging to generate commands on the High-performance Embedded Workshop command line as well as the function of executing recorded commands.

2. Test Support function :
The function of saving the contents of the window selected by the Create New Test Image dialog box as a test-image file. In addition, supported the function of comparing the contents of test-image files with the results of execution of macros generated with the Macro-Recording Support function and of conventional command batches of the High-performance Embedded Workshop.

3. Auto Update Utility :
Periodically, you can easily update software tools and the High-performance Embedded Workshop via the Internet. The High-performance Embedded Workshop's auto-updater feature check for any newer version of them automatically. And, if a newer version is available, the auto-update wizard helps you to update software. You can turn on or off the auto-updater and also change the schedule for automatic updating.

Target Devices

The High-performance Embedded Workshop supports the development of embedded applications for the Renesas microcomputer systems listed below.

  • SuperH Family
  • M32R Family 1
  • RX Family RX600, RX200 Series
  • M16C Family R32C/100 Series
  • M16C Family M32C/80, M16C/80 Series
  • M16C Family M16C/60, M16C/50, M16C/30, M16C/20, M16C/10, M16C/Tiny Series
  • R8C Family
  • H8SX Family
  • H8S Family
  • H8 Family
  • 740 Family

1. The M32R family differ from other microcomputer families in that their emulator system is connected as an external tool.

Operating Environment

Refer to Operating Environments of Products.

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