Reasons why the Install Manager was introduced and examples for making use of it

[Normal environment build]

Normally, you build one High-performance Embedded Workshop environment in one PC and create various projects in it as you develop your system.

In one High-performance Embedded Workshop environment, you can prepare multiple projects for each target MCU. Furthermore, the Toolchain facility permits you to install multiple versions of a tool together in one environment. For example, it is possible to install two compiler versions V.8.00 and V.9.00 in one environment at the same time.

In this case, there exists one instance (one version) of the High-performance Embedded Workshop framework in one PC, which is always kept up-to-date by the auto-update facility.


[Support for building multi-environments]

In recent years, however, we've received a demand from many customers that they wish to build multiple High-performance Embedded Workshop environments in a single PC and use them by switching from one to another to meet a particular need among versatile development styles.

The conventionally available installers were not suitable for coping with such a management situation. Therefore, when a user wanted to build different versions of the High-performance Embedded Workshop (for example, two High-performance Embedded Workshop versions V.3.xx and V.4.xx), the user had to prepare two PCs and install one version of the High-performance Embedded Workshop in one PC and the other version in another PC.

To meet this customer's demand, Renesas has introduced a new facility, or the Install Manager, into the conventional installers to make "multi-install" possible.

The Renesas software tools released in and after September 2006 have the Install Manager introduced into their installers and, therefore, are capable of "multi-install". Accordingly, in addition to building environments normally, it is possible to cope with the following demands.


[Examples for making use of multi-install]