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QB-78K0KE2C-TB (Discontinued product)


Target Devices
* The status indicated in the bracket ( ) refers to the tools and software products.


    78K Family



      • 78K0/Kx2-C   (Supported [78K0/KE2-C])


As a CPU board usable in connection with the on-chip debugging emulator E1 or MINICUBE2, this product achieves simple and easy evaluation of the target MCU.


  • Incorporates 78K0/KE2-C (μPD78F0765GB).
  • A 20MHz resonator mounted as main clock, high-speed operation enabled (@ 2.7 to 5.5 V)
  • Equipped with universal area (2.54 mm pitch)
  • Supports both flash memory programming (using TxD6 and RxD6 pins) and on-chip debugging (using OCD0A and OCD0B pins)
  • Highly extendable; peripheral board connectors are equipped with microcontroller pins
  • Lead-free (Pb-free)

Connection with The E1 Emulator

The CPU board is provided with a 16-pin/2.54mm pitch connector for the connection with MINICUBE2. Connecting it to the E1 emulator, whose user interface cable has a 14-pin/2.54mm pitch connector, requires the optional adapter QB-F14T16-01 (See here for the details) .

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