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R8A66597 (R0K866597D020BR)

  • Overview

R0K866597D020BR USB 2.0 Eval Board

R8A66597 Evaluation Board
(Model Name: R0K866597D020BR)

Target Device: R8A66597FP

Target Device Description:

R0K866597D020BR (Eval Board) Features:

  • Equipped with a R8A66597FP Hi-speed USB embedded host controller.
  • Utilized also as a USB peripheral function.
  • Equipped with a pair of the Series A receptacles, and can be utilized for evaluation and advanced development of a Hi-speed USB embedded host application.
  • Equipped with connectors that can be used to bridge with Renesas Starter Kits, jump-starting your evaluation and development .
  • Port Usages:
    • USB Ports 0 and 1 can be used for up to two host ports concurrently; or
    • USB Port 0 can be used for a peripheral port.  Port 1 must remain unused in that case.  Since the eval board uses a Type A receptacle for port 0 (as well as port 1), a suitable mechanical adapter will be needed (A-plug to B-receptacle) to accommodate a typical USB host-to-peripheral cable (A-plug to B-plug).
    • Note: The R8A66597 device supports OTG on port 0, but the evaluation board does not implement a complete OTG solution.
  • Targeted to use with the following Renesas Starter Kits.
    • Renesas Starter Kit + for RX62N
    • Renesas Starter Kit for RX610

Software documents and sample code:

Package content:

  • 1 unit of R0K866597D020BR USB 2.0 Eval Board.
  • Mating connectors for RSK+ platform or equivalent.
  • Mating connector for power connector.

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