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Brushless DC Motor Kit

  • Overview

Renesas Brushless DC Motor Kit (YMCRPR8C25)

The Renesas BLDC (Brushless DC) Motor Control evaluation platform is a ready-to-use BLDC Motor Control solution with industry-quality hardware and software for quick deployment in cost-sensitive applications. The Kit offers developers a vehicle to evaluate and adopt a low cost BLDC Motor Control solution into their products using Renesas R8C/Tiny family of microcontrollers. The kit includes a BLDC Motor Control Hardware Platform, 24V BLDC Motor, Graphical Users Interface (GUI) PC Application for Microsoft Windows®, BLDC Motor Control Software Algorithms and documentation. From beginners to advanced users of BLDC Motors, the kit provides an easy path for turning your ideas into action. The built in BLDC Motor Control GUI PC Application offers users flexibility and ease of use when controlling and understanding the BLDC Motor operation.

BLDC Kit Features:

  • 120º Trapezoidal (Hall Sensor) BLDC Control.
  • 120° Sensorless (Back-EMF) BLDC Control.
  • 180° Sinusoidal (Hall Sensor) BLDC Control.
  • User-selectable (via jumpers) BLDC Motor Control configurations.
  • LED’s that indicate PWM switching pattern
  • Isolated debug and serial communication interface for robust host connectivity
  • Over-current protection and emergency shut-off

R8C25 BLDC Motor Control Demonstration Kit
brushless dc motor kit

Graphical User Interface Features:

  • Motor speed and direction control
  • User-selectable BLDC motor control algorithms (Hall vs. BEMF)
  • Motor current and speed monitoring
  • Fault status indicator
  • Emergency stop
  • Oscilloscope to display motor speed, current and voltage
  • Data logging function

R8C25 BLDC Kit Graphical User Interface
brushless dc motor kit

Click for animated demo of the user interface:

Kit Contents:

  • BLDC Motor Control Hardware Platform
  • 24V BLDC Motor
  • DC Power Supply: 24V, 5A
  • E8a On-chip debugger/emulator with USB cable
  • CD-ROM

CD-ROM Contents:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • GUI Application
  • HEW IDE with evaluation version of C compiler
  • Sample HEW projects
  • Board Schematics
  • Board Bill-of-Materials
  • BLDC Motor Control Algorithms Source Code
  • R8C25 BLDC Motor Control Application Notes

BLDC Motor Control Kit Downloads



Motor Control General Info Visit
Quick Start Guide Download
User Manual Download
PCB Schematics Download
PCB Bill-of-Materials Download

120° Trapezoidal (Hall Sensor) BLDC Motor Control Algorithm


120° Trapezoidal Sensorless (BEMF) BLDC Motor Control Algorithm (Uses External Comparators)


180° Sinusoidal (Hall Sensor) BLDC Control
Sensorless Vector Control using LEM Sensors


View's video review of Renesas' BLDC Motor Control Evaluation Kit.

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