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EV5-US (R0K3306S0D010BR) (Discontinued Product)


EV5-US (R0K3306S0D010BR)

This kit has been discontinued. The successor to this kit is M16C/6S1 Group Evaluation Kit : EV10.

Target Devices

Device Group : M16C/6S
Device Part No populated on the board : M306S0FAGP

For more information on the microcomputer, please view the M16C/6S Device page.


Product Overview

  • Includes 1 complete PLC nodes with FCC band
  • Includes an AC/DC Adapter
  • Includes the example simple communication test program
  • Includes a serial cross over cable
  • The Differences between EV5 FCC and EV5 ASIA are AC/DC Adapter and AC cables


Please confirm PLC regulations in your use region and execute the necessary procedures before it used.
Please make sure to use the order number R0K3306S0D010BR when you place an order, which is very similar to that for an evaluation kit for Asia R0K3306S0D011BR.

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