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Target MCUs

78K0 Microcontrollers

  • 78K0S/KA1+
    • µPD78F9221
    • µPD78F9222
    • µPD78F9224
  • 78K0S/KB1+
    • µPD78F9232
    • µPD78F9234
  • 78K0S/KU1+
    • µPD78F9200
    • µPD78F9201
    • µPD78F9202
  • 78K0S/KY1+
    • µPD78F9210
    • µPD78F9211
    • µPD78F9212


This kit has the 78K0S/KA1+ "low pin count" microcontroller mounted on a board, and supports on-board flash programming for application programs up to 4 KB and real-time execution. User hardware parts such as digital I/O and analog signals can be connected to the board.


  • Has features which can easily develop simple I/O functions such as a push button, LED output, AD reference voltage, I/O line, and a UART interface.
  • Power source is supplied from the USB I/F, so it's not necessary to prepare a separate power supply.
  • With the Windows-based flash programming software, select the application program to evaluate and it can be downloaded.
  • Supports signal conversion from analog to digital
  • Supports many input/output functions

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