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  • Overview

Note: 7536/7534 not assembled on M3A-7512SA. 42 pin SDIP IC socket enclosed.


The board is suitable for 7534 group built-in USB interface function evaluation.

  • For 7534 group USB interface function evaluation
  • For 42 pin SDIP of 7534 group
  • For HID class function evaluation (with keyboard descriptors)
  • For HID class keyboard F/W evaluation
  • For application development with 7534 HID keyboard F/W

Specification Outline

  • Power supply: 5V
  • Oscillation frequency: f(Xin)=6MHz
  • Switches:
    • MCU reset switch
  • Connectors
    • USB Connector
  • Test pins
    • Vcc, GND, Reset, All I/O ports
  • Foot patterns
    • 42 pin SDIP

Note: For more details, refer to the M3A-7512SA instruction manual (PDF: 1.0 MB).

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