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This product does not include power supply and development tools. It is necessary to prepare following items separately.
- Power supply : 5V (1.5A or more)
- SuperH RISC engine C/C++ compiler package
- E10A-USB

Product Information

CPU Type Code of CPU Board On-board Memory CPU Mounting
SH7203 M3A-HS30G50 SDRAM (32MB), FLASH Memory (4MB) mounted Chip mounted

M3A-HS30G50 Features

For the connection with an external SDRAM, it can be switched between the 16-bit bus width and 32-bit bus width.
The board comes standard with the UART, CAN, and USB connector as the SH7203 peripheral function interface.
The board comes standard with the series A receptacle as the USB connector.
All the pins of SH7203 data bus, address bus, and peripheral function are connected to the extension connector.
Mounted the connector which the Renesas Technology on-chip emulator E10A-USB can be connected.

M3A-HS30G50 Specifications

Item Specification
  • SH7203
    - Input (XIN) clock:16.67MHz
    - Bus clock:66.67MHz, max.
    - CPU clock:200MHz, max.
  • On-chip Memory
    - RAM:64K-byte (High speed), 16K-byte(For data retention)
External Memory
  • Flash memory:4M-byte
  • SDRAM:16M-byte (16-bit bus width selected), 32M-byte (32-bit bus width selected)
  • USB connector (Series A receptacle)
  • RCAN connector (D-SUB 9-pin x 2)
  • Serial port connector (D-SUB 9-pin)
  • H-UDI connector (14-pin/36-pin)
  • Extension connector (20-pin MIL standard connector x 5, 40-pin MIL standard connector x 2)
  • Power LED (1pc.)
  • User LED (4 pcs.)
  • Reset switch, NMI switch, IRQ0 switch, Test switch
  • DIP switch for system setting (4-pole x 1)
  • User DIP switch (4-pole x 1)
Board Dimensions
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 100mm
  • Mounting form : 6-layer, double-side mounted
  • Board configuration:1 board
Included Accessories
  • CD-ROM (User's Manual, Installation Manual, Sample Software)
  • Release Note
  • Power supply cable
    *Notice: It is necessary to prepare following items separately (These products are not included)
    - Power supply : 5V (1.5A or more)
    - C/C++ Compiler package for SuperH RISC engine family
    - E10A-USB

M3A-HS30G50 Appearance

Top view of the component side

Top view of the solder side

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