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M3A-HS62G50 CPU Board

The M3A-HS62G50 CPU board is designed for evaluating the features and performance of the SH7262 MCU (SH2A-FPU core, operates at 144 MHz). It can be used as the development platform for various products, as well as used for manufacturing systems using MCUs, and for evaluating application software.

This product does not come with the power supply and the development tools. Prepare the following items before using this CPU board.
- Power Supply 5 V (1.5 A min.)
- SuperH RISC engine C/C++ Compiler Package
- E10A-USB emulator

Product Information

CPU CPU board part number Memory CPU mounting
SH7262 M3A-HS62G50 - SDRAM (16 MB)
- NOR flash memory (4 MB)
- NAND flash memory (256 MB)
- Serial flash memory (2 MB)
- EEPROM (16 KB)


Mounted the SH7262 MCU (SH2A-FPU core, 144 MHz, 176-pin package)
Includes three boot options, NOR flash memory, NAND flash memory, and serial flash memory.
Comes standard with the USB Series-A receptacle for evaluating the SH7262 USB function, allowing advanced development and evaluation of the USB host module application.(*1)
SH7262 data bus, address bus and on-chip peripheral pins are all connected to expansion connectors (or through-holes) on this board to allow for timing analysis with peripherals that use measurement instruments. Optional board for audio (M3A-HS64G01) is available.(*2)
Sample software provided with the SH7262 application notes can be used on this CPU board. Click here for the SH7262, SH7264 application notes.
H-UDI connectors (36-pin and 14-pin) are provided to connect the Renesas E10A-USB emulator.(*3)
*1: When using the SH7262 USB module as the USB function module, use the commercially available connector converter for Series-A to B, or remove the Series-A receptacle and mount the mini-B receptacle.
*2: When using this CPU board with the M3A-HS64G01, the LCD module cannot be used. To use the LDC module, user must develop an optional board to connect an LCD panel with the expansion connector.
*3: The E10A-USB emulator is not included with this product.


Item Specification
  • SH7262- Input (XIN) clock: 18 MHz
    - Bus clock: 72 MHz (max)
    - CPU clock: 144 MHz (max)
    - Internal Memory
    High-speed internal RAM: 64 KB
    Large-capacity internal RAM: 1 MB
External memory
  • NOR flash memory: 4 MB
  • NAND flash memory: 256 MB
  • Serial flash memory: 2 MB
  • SDRAM: 16 MB
  • EEPROM: 16 KB
  • USB connector (Series-A receptacle): 1
  • RS-232C connector (D-sub, 9-pin):1
  • H-UDI connectors (36-pin/14-pin): 1 each
  • Through-holes for expansion connectors: 9
  • Power supply LED: 1
  • User LEDs: 2
  • Reset, NMI, IRQ, and TEST
  • System setting DIP switches (6/package)
  • User DIP switches (6/package)
  • 148 x 105 mm
  • Mounting form: PCB (6-layer, double-sided)
  • Number of boards: 1
  • CD-ROM (User's Manual, Installation Manual, and sample program)
  • Release Note
  • Power supply cable
    Prepare the following items (not included in this product)
    - Power supply: 5 V (1.5 A min.)
    - SuperH RISC engine C/C++ Compiler Package
    - E10A-USB emulator

Product Appearance

Exterior (Top view of the component side)
Exterior (Top view of the component side)
Exterior (Top view of the solder side)
Exterior (Top view of the solder side)

M3A-HS64G50 Block Diagram

M3A-HS64G50 Block Diagram

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