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M3A-HS64G01 (SH7264 Optional board)

The M3A-HS64G01 is an optional board which can be connected to the M3A-HS62G50 and M3A-HS64G50. The M3A-HS62G50 is suitable for developing audio system prototype.

This product does not come with the power supply and the development tools. Prepare the following items before using this optional board.
- SH7262 CPU board (M3A-HS62G50) or SH7264 CPU board (M3A-HS64G50)
- SuperH RISC engine C/C++ Compiler Package
- E10A-USB emulator
- LCD module
When using this optional board (M3A-HS64G01) with the M3A-HS62G50 CPU board, the LCD module cannot be used. To use the LCD module, user must develop an optional board to connect an LCD panel with the expansion connector.

Product Information

Part number Overview Applicable CPU board
M3A-HS64G01 Optional board for audio M3A-HS62G50


Comes with audio interface connectors, a CD deck interface connector, and character LCD module connectors.
Also comes standard with LCD module interface connectors, a UART interface connector, CAN connectors, an IEBus™ connector, an IIC connector and an SD card slot.


Item Specification
  • Flexible connectors for LCD module: 2 (see note)
  • MIL-spec connector for LCD module: 1 (30-pin)
Character LCD
  • 16 x 2 semi-transmissive character LCD module with LED backlight: 1
  • Line-out pin jacks: 3
  • Microphone Input pin jack: 1
  • Audio optical connectors: 2
  • D/A converters for audio output (AK4353): 2
  • Audio codec for audio input and output (AK4524): 1
CD deck
  • Flexible connector for connecting a CD deck: 1
SD card interface
  • SD card slot: 1
  • Includes a card power control IC
  • CAN connectors: 2
  • CAN driver IC (HA13721FP)
  • IEBus™ connector : 1
  • IEBus™ driver IC (HA12187FP)
  • UART connector with flow control signal :1
  • MIL-spec connector for connecting an external IIC interface: 1 (20-pin)
  • Key input switches: 16 (4 switches x 4 AD inputs)
  • 210 x 148 mm
  • Mounting form: PCB (4-layer, double-sided)
  • Number of boards: 1
  • CD-ROM (User's Manual, Installation Manual, and sample program)
  • Release Note
  • AC adapter
    Prepare the following items (not included in this product)
    - SH7262/SH7264 CPU board (M3A-HS62G50 or M3A-HS64G50)
    - SuperH RISC engine C/C++ Compiler Package
    - E10A-USB emulator
    - LCD module

Note: A flexible connector for LCD module is for the TX09D14VM3CAA and TX09D55VM1CDA (LCD modules manufactured by Hitachi Displays, Ltd.).
When connecting other LCD module, a MIL-spec connector for LCD module must be used.

Product Appearance

Exterior (Top view of the component side)
Exterior (Top view of the component side)

Exterior (Top view of the solder side)
Exterior (Top view of the solder side)

M3A-HS64G01 Block Diagram

M3A-HS64G01 Block Diagram

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