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This product does not include power supply and development tools. It is necessary to prepare following items separately.
- Power supply : 5V (3.0A or more)
- SuperH RISC engine C/C++ compiler package
- E10A-USB

Product Information

CPU Type Code of CPU Board On-board Memory CPU Mounting
SH7263 R0K572630D001BR SDRAM (16MB), NOR flash memory (4MB),
NAND flash memory (512MB)
Chip mounted

R0K572630D001BR Features

The SH7263, the audio interface, memory card interface, and USB connector are standard built in, so it is suitable for predevelopment of audio system.
All of the SH7263 chip I/O ports are connected to the extension connector of the board, allowing for easy hardware expansion.
The development environment such as the application note and sample program of SH7263 chip, necessary for advanced development, is provided.
The board comes standard with the H-UDI connector (14-pin type/36-pin type) to which the Renesas emulator E10A-USB can be connected.

R0K572630D001BR Specifications

Item Specification
  • SH7263
    - Input (XIN) clock : 16.67MHz
    - Bus clock: Maximum 66.67MHz
    - CPU clock: Maximum 200MHz
  • On-chip Memory
    - RAM:64K-byte (High speed), 16K-byte(For data retention)
External Memory
  • Flash memory:4MB
  • NAND flash memory :512MB
  • SDRAM:16MB
  • USB connector (series A receptacle)
  • Line-out pin jack (4 pcs)
  • Optical connector (1 pc)
  • Microphone-in pin jack (1 pc)
  • 2-pin MIL pitch-hole (for RCAN)
  • Serial port connector (D-sub 9-pin)
  • H-UDI connector (14-pin/36-pin type)
  • Extension board connector (50-pin/140-pin)
  • SH7263 user I/O connector (Not mounted)
  • SSI/Serial connector
  • TFT panel connector
  • TFT panel touch panel connector
  • Serial connector
  • Power LED (1pc.)
  • User LED (4 pcs.)
  • Reset, NMI, IRQ switch
  • DIP switch for system setting (4-pole x 1)
  • User DIP switch (4-pole x 1)
  • SH7263 key scan switch (3x4=12pcs.)
Board Dimensions
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 190mm
  • Mounting form : 6-layer, double-side mounted
  • Board configuration:1 board
Included Accessories
  • CD-ROM (User's Manual, Installation Manual, Sample Software)
  • Release Note
  • Power supply cable
    *Notice: It is necessary to prepare following items separately (These products are not included)
    - Power supply : 5V (3.0A or more)
    - C/C++ Compiler package for SuperH RISC engine family
    - E10A-USB
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R0K572630D001BR Appearance

Top view of the component side

Top view of the solder side

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