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R8C/34K Group USB Host Evaluation Board

This Evaluation Board is mounted with R8C/34K Group MCU, so it is suitable for software development and functional evaluation as USB Host device.
(This Evaluation Board can be used when you consider about R8C/3MK Group.)


This product does not bundle with the power supply and the development tools. Prepare the following items before using this evaluation board.
- Power Supply 5V and 3V
- R8C Family C/C++ Compiler Package
- E8a emulator


  • This Evaluation Board has USB A receptacle and USB VBUS control IC, so it is available for USB Host device.
  • Mounted the connector for the E8a emulator manufactured by Renesas Electronics Corp.
  • This board has LCD module, LEDs, user switches as user I/F, so it is suitable for debug and functional evaluation.
  • MCU ports are extracted to the board surface as test pins, this board enables the connection of external devices.
  • The sample programs for USB function and each module of MCU are provided, you can immediately start software development and functional evaluation.
  • Attached the circuit diagram and the parts list, it is useful as a reference of circuit design and debug.


Item Specification
  • R5F2134CKNFP(R8C/34KGroup), Flash ROM:128KB/Data ROM:4KB/RAM:10KB
  • USB2.0 Function module (full-speed host function)
Debug Function
  • On-chip debug function with connection to E8a emulator
User I/F
  • RS-232C D-sub9 pin connector
  • Character-type LCD: features 8 characters x 2 lines( direct control from the general-purpose I/O ports of MCU)
  • 4 switches with A/D voltage detection
  • 3 LEDs (direct control through general I/O ports)
MCU port test pin
  • 17 pins (A protection circuit or a pull-up resistor are mounted
    for the pins on the board.)
Operating Voltage and Supply Source
  • main power supply voltage range: 5.0V(4.0V~5.5V) / 3.3V(3.0V~3.6V) *1
  • supply source: Stabilized power supply/E8a supply source
  • Power supply cable (incl. 2P connector)
External Dimensions
  • 100mm x 65mm (not including protruding areas)
*1: When the main power supply voltage is 3.3V, supply additional power (5V) to LCD, USB Host Vbus.

Development support


If you require inquiry or the purchase for product please contact your Renesas sales engineer or Renesas distributor website.

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