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SDK-PLC-EU-A (or -B for CENELEC B band) (Discontinued Product)


SDK-PLC-EU-A (or -B for CENELEC B band)

SDK-PLC-EU-A (or -B for CENELEC B band)

Target Devices

Device Group : M16C/6S
Device Part No populated on the board : M306S0FAGP

For more information on the microcomputer please view the M16C/6S Device page.


Product Overview

  • Includes 4 complete PLC nodes
  • Includes E8a emulator
  • Includes Renesas Ubiquitous Network Layer for Metering Applications evaluation version
  • Includes example SW /adaptable to particular evaluation environments & requirements
  • Includes sniffer
  • Expandable by single PLC nodes EVB08-EU-A (-B for CENELEC B band)
  • Comprehensive documentation


Please confirm with PLC regulations in your use region and execute the necessary procedures before it used.

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