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Ultracompact TCP/IP protocol stack (high-speed version) [M3S-T4-Tiny]


Network software library - Ultracompact TCP/IP protocol stack [high-speed version]


M3S-T4-Tiny (hereafter abbreviated "T4") is a communications protocol software library for Renesas microcontrollers. It makes TCP/IP communication possible in an Ethernet-connected network for all types of equipment that incorporates Renesas microcontrollers. It has been developed based on the advanced version of TCP/IP protocol stack, or M3S-T3-Tiny (hereafter abbreviated "T3"), by altering its specifications to enable the Ethernet interrupt. Furthermore, since T4 can process TCP/IP at high speed, it helps to reduce functional implementations to a possible minimum, thereby enabling the user to realize compact programs.

This product supplies the basic TCP/IP functions that are needed when building network environments. (See the conceptual image shown below.)

Use of T4 enables network functions to be embodied in every system that incorporates the Renesas microcontroller easily with low cost.

High-quality, network-support embedded equipment such as Internet cameras, remote supervise/control systems and networking consumer electronics now find ever growing demands. Renesas microcontrollers, Renesas middleware and Renesas development tools (e.g., compilers, realtime OS and debuggers) used in combination help to realize prompt development and cost reduction for these pieces of equipment.

Furthermore, evaluation boards also are available that will help you start using T4 immediately. For details, please refer to Condtions of Use.

Product Lineup

Target Device Product Name Part Number
(Ordering Number)
RX Family M3S-T4-Tiny for the RX Family R0MRX60PT0020RRC Available
SH-41 M3S-T4-Tiny for the SH-4 R0M0400PT0020RRC Available
SH-2A M3S-T4-Tiny for the SH-2A R0M02A0PT0020RRC Available
V850 M3S-T4-Tiny for the V850 Family - Under Development2
M16C Family M3S-T4-Tiny for the M16C Family R0M3060PT0020RRC Available
H8S/2600 Series M3S-T4-Tiny for the H8S Family R0M8200PT0020RRC Available

1. Applies only little-endian.
2. The evaluation versions available.

For how to apply the product, please refer to "How to Apply".

Downloading evaluation version

  • The evaluation version of T4 for the MCUs are available. Please download from here.
  • Embedding Application Support Software Library sample codes in product designs for mass production allows the customer.
Download Guide

To obtain the evaluation versions, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Application and Sample Code page.
  2. In the list, find the following application note:

    RX Family

    T4: "RX Family TCP/IP for Embedded system M3S-T4-Tiny Module Firmware Integration Technology"
    T4 library and documentation are included.
    If you want to learn how to use the T4, download this application note and sample code.
    Sample Program that utilizes the T4:
    "RX Family Sample code that uses TCP/IP for Embedded system M3S-T4-Tiny Firmware Integration Technology"
    If you want to check the operation of the sample program using the RX62N, RX63N, or RX64M CPU boards, please download this application note and sample code.
    Please refer to the chart shown on the Related FIT module for the FIT Module information relevant to T4. In addition, for the detailed information about FIT, please refer to RX Family-FIT.

    Other MCUs

    T4, and the sample program that utilizes the T4:
    "xxx TCP/IP for Embedded system M3S-T4-Tiny: Introduction Guide"
    T4 Library, documentation and sample programs are organized in one package.
    NOTE: xxx indicates a name of MCUs.
  3. Click the "Sample program" link in the right of the above title.
  4. Read through the AGREEMENT; then click on Agree.
  5. Download the sample program from the Download page.

Version Information

RX Family New
Latest Ver.: V.2.05 Release 00
Released: Jun 28, 2016

Latest Ver.: V.1.04 Release 00
Released: Oct 16, 2011

Latest Ver.: V.1.06 Release 00
Released: Apr 1, 2014

Latest Ver.: V.1.05 Release 00
Released: Jun 1, 2012

M16C Family
Latest Ver.: V.1.04 Release 00
Released: Oct 16, 2011

H8S/2600 Series
Latest Ver.: V.1.04 Release 00
Released: Oct 16, 2011
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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