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Filesystem/Device Drivers


Renesas Filesystem and Device Drivers

Application Configuration
Application Configuration


USB Interface Control

  • USB Driver
  • Device drivers for USB communication using USB interface with built-in microcomputer and USB ASSP

    Target Device
    RX, 78K, R8C, V850, SuperH, H8SX, H8S, M16C

Data Flash Embedded Microcontrollers

  • Data Flash Driver
  • Device Driver for data flash embedded microcontrollers

    Target Device
    R8C, M16C

SD Card

  • SD Card Driver
  • Device driver for controlling SD card using SD Host Interface (SDHI) built-in the MCU

    Target Device
    SuperH (SH-2A)

Serial Flash Memory, Serial Phase Change Memory


  • SPI Serial EEPROM Driver
  • Device Drivers for SPI Bus Serial EEPROM R1EX25xxx Series and HN58X25xxx Series

    Target Device
    RL78, RX, SuperH, R8C, 78K, M16C, H8SX, H8S, H8, 740

  • I2C Serial EEPROM Driver
  • Device Drivers for I2C Bus Serial EEPROM R1EX24xxx Series, R1EV24xxx Series and HN58X24xxx Series

    Target Device
    RX, RL78

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