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HI7000/4 Real-time OS for SuperH Family


Target Devices

SH-1, SH-2, SH2-DSP, SH-2A, SH2A-FPU
*FPU of the SH-2E is not supported.


University of Tokyo professor Ken Sakamura advocated the TRON project in 1984. The µITRON specification is one of the real-time operating system specifications standardized in the ITRON project established as a subproject of the TRON project.
The µITRON specification is now a de facto standard in the Japanese embedded industry.

Renesas Electronics Corp. has been participating in the TRON project since the project was established. [HI series OS] is a realtime operating system for the Renesas H8/SuperH microcomputers which is compliant with µITRON specifications.

Refer to the T-Engine Forum website for detailed information on the ITRON specification and the µITRON specification.
T-Engine Forum Website

* T-Engine Forum holds the copyright on the μITRON Specification.
* TRON, ITRON, and μITRON do not refer to any specific product or products.
* The activities of TRON Association have been handed over to T-Engine Forum.

Version Information

Latest Ver.: V.2.03 Release 01
Released: Nov 01, 2011
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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