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HI7000/4 Real-time OS for SuperH Family


Supported CPU Cores

SH-1, SH-2, SH2-DSP, SH-2A, SH2A-FPU
*FPU of the SH-2E is not supported.

Target Devices
* The status indicated in the bracket ( ) refers to the tools and software products.


    SuperH RISC engine Family


      SH72Ax Series

      • SH72AW, SH72AY   (Supported)

      • SH72A0, SH72A2   (Supported)


      SH7280 Series


        SH7285, SH7286   (Supported)

        • SH7286   (In production)

        • SH7285   (In production)


      SH7250 Series

      • SH7256R   (Supported)

      • SH7254R   (Supported)

      • SH7253   (Supported)


      SH7260 Series

      • SH726A, SH726B   (Supported)

      • SH7268, SH7269   (Supported)

      • SH7266, SH7267   (Supported)

      • SH7263   (Supported)

      • SH7262, SH7264   (Supported)

      • SH7261   (Supported)


      SH7243 Series

      • SH7243   (Supported)


      SH7216 Series

      • SH7214, SH7216   (Supported)


      SH7231 Series

      • SH7231   (Supported)


      SH7239 Series

      • SH7239, SH7237   (Supported)


      SH7210 Series

      • SH7211   (Supported)


      SH7200 Series

      • SH7206   (Supported)

      • SH7203   (Supported)

      • SH7201   (Supported)


      SH/Tiny Series

      • SH7124, SH7125   (Supported)



      • SH7670   (Supported)

      • SH7619   (Supported)

      • SH7618   (Supported)

      • SH7616   (Supported)

      • SH7615   (Supported)


      SH7147 Series

      • SH7147   (Supported)


      SH7146 Series

      • SH7146, SH7149   (Supported)


      SH7144 Series

      • SH7144, SH7145   (Supported)


      SH7137 Series

      • SH7131, SH7132, SH7136, SH7137   (Supported)


      SH7606 Series

      • SH7606   (Supported)


      SH7080 Series

      • SH7083, SH7084, SH7085, SH7086   (Supported)


      SH7060 Series

      • SH7065   (Supported)


      SH7050 Series

      • SH7058S, SH7059   (Supported)

      • SH7058   (Supported)

      • SH7055   (Supported)

      • SH7050, SH7051   (Supported)


      SH7047 Series

      • SH7047, SH7049, SH7105, SH7107, SH7109   (Supported)


      SH7046 Series

      • SH7046, SH7148, SH7101, SH7048, SH7104, SH7106, SH7108   (Supported)


      SH7040 Series

      • SH7040, SH7041, SH7042, SH7043, SH7044, SH7045   (Supported)


      SH7030 Series

      • SH7032, SH7034, SH7034B   (Supported)


      SH7020 Series

      • SH7020, SH7021   (Supported)


      SH7010 Series

      • SH7014, SH7016, SH7017   (Supported)

      • SH7011   (Supported)


University of Tokyo professor Ken Sakamura advocated the TRON project in 1984. The µITRON specification is one of the real-time operating system specifications standardized in the ITRON project established as a subproject of the TRON project.
The µITRON specification is now a de facto standard in the Japanese embedded industry.

Renesas Electronics Corp. has been participating in the TRON project since the project was established. [HI series OS] is a realtime operating system for the Renesas H8/SuperH microcomputers which is compliant with µITRON specifications.

Operating Environment

Refer to Operating Environments of Products.

* TRON Forum holds the copyright on the μITRON Specification.
* TRON, ITRON, and μITRON do not refer to any specific product or products.
* The activities of TRON Association have been handed over to TRON Forum.

Version Information

Latest Ver.: V.2.03 Release 01
Released: Nov 01, 2011
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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