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RI850MP Real-time OS for V850E2M Dual Core


Supported CPU Cores

V850 Family V850E2M Dual Core

Target Devices
* The status indicated in the bracket ( ) refers to the tools and software products.


    V850 Family



      • V850E2/Mx4   (Supported)


This product is a real-time operating system (RTOS) conforming to the µITRON 4.0-specification, the predominant RTOS for embedded systems in Japan. An independent kernel runs on each core of V850E2M dual core, and on each kernel functionally distributed and loaded applications are controlled, allowing realization of an embedded system equipment with a high quality real-time multi-tasking environment. In addition, its affinity for the IDE CS+ will help you greatly reduce development time and get to market faster.

Operating Environment

Refer to Operating Environments of Products.

  • *TRON Forum holds the copyright on the μITRON Specification.
  • *TRON, ITRON, and μITRON do not refer to any specific product or products.

Version Information

  • OS
    Latest Ver.: V1.00.01
    Released: Jul 1, 2011
  • CS+ interface plug-ins
    - RTOS Common plug-in
    Latest Ver.: V3.00.00
    Released: Oct 1, 2014
    - Plug-in for RI850MP
    Latest Ver.: V3.00.00
    Released: Oct 1, 2014
    Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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