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SuperH System Solutions for WindowsCE

  • Overview

Chips, platforms with BSPs, middleware products, and support help reduce system development time and effort

Renesas Technology Corp., a leading global manufacturer of microcontrollers and microprocessors with decades of experience, delivers advanced solutions that help shorten the development time of your Windows®CE-based embedded system and boost its success. Our SuperH® processors, platforms with BSPs (Board Support Packages), and other development tools combine to save design time, reduce engineering risk, facilitate optimized designs, reduce product size, decrease power consumption, and more — to give you a competitive edge.


Download the SuperH® System Solutions for Windows®CE brochure

Typical Applications

An extensive, diverse and growing number of products are powered by Renesas SuperH processors running Windows CE:

  • Automotive
    • Car information systems
    • GPS car navigation systems
    • Telematics products
  • PC/AV
    • Home controllers/gateways
    • Set-top boxes
    • Printers
    • LANs
    • VoIP equipment
    • Cable modems
    • WiFi videophones
    • Image readers
  • Industrial
    • Process controllers
    • Robotics
    • Machine control panels
    • Communication test instruments
  • Consumer
    • Personal navigation devices
    • Gaming systems
    • Fitness equipment
    • Arcade entertainment
    • Marine electronics systems
  • Business
    • POS and banking terminals
    • Wireless portable bar-code scanners
    • Check sorters
    • Security systems
    • Truck fleet management equipment
  • Medical
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • Monitoring systems

13+ Years of Successful Collaboration: SuperH® Processors and Windows®CE

SuperH microprocessors were running Windows CE before the Windows CE operating system even had a name. Starting with Hitachi, and now jointly with Mitsubishi as Renesas Technology, SuperH processors have been part of Microsoft’s embedded vision since the beginning. We are a long-term, established Windows CE partner, having provided processor solutions to Windows CE customers worldwide for over 13 years. We help you keep your market edge sharp. Gone are the days when a few engineers with an idea could work alone to produce and deliver simple products to hungry markets. Today's system manufacturers are designing and building increasingly complex products for increasingly sophisticated and demanding buyers. Successful companies can focus their development efforts and engineering investments in the core competencies that distinguish their products from their competitors’ if all the fundamental hardware and software elements of the solution are in place.

Renesas understands that. That’s why, together with Microsoft, we provide a rich set of reliable, high-quality development tools and support that will help you hit your market windows with robust products that meet performance and cost goals. Let’s build tomorrow’s products together: Renesas, Microsoft, and you.

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