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Introduction T-Engine is being developed to drastically improve software development for computers incorporated into home apparatus, such as digital home apparatus vital for industries in Japan.

Conventionally in this industry, individual software development is common and software has been developed from scratch for respective apparatus, i.e., software has been repeatedly developed even for similar functions of the apparatus. In addition, as user-requested functions increase, manufactures are increasingly requested to develop new products in a short cycle.

To solve this problem, both the hardware platform and real-time OS are being standardized in T-Engine, focusing on the keyword "distribution of middleware" .

*TRON is an abbreviation for "The Real-time Operating system Nucleus"
*TRON, BTRON, ITRON, eTRON, T-Engine, µT-Engine, nT-Engine, pT-Engine, T-Monitor and T-Kernel are terminologies for computer specifications, and do not refer to any specific product or products.
*T-Engine logo is a registered trademark of T-Engine forum
*Note that the T-Engine hardware specifications and the external views described on this site. Please be sure to obtain the latest information before purchasing them.

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