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Purchasing Information HD6432338XXXFC

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Promotional Part Name:HD6432338XXXFC

On-chip supporting functions include a 16-bit timer pulse unit (TPU), programmable pulse generator (PPG), 8-bit timer, watchdog timer (WDT), serial communication interface (SCI), A/D converter, D/A converter, and I/O ports. In addition, an on-chip DMA controller (DMAC) and data transfer controller (DTC) are provided, enabling high-speed data transfer without CPU intervention. Use of the H8S/2339 Group, H8S/2329 Group and H8S/2319 Group, enable easy implementation of compact, high-performance systems capable of processing large volumes of data.

Tools Orderable
Part Number(s)
Status Manufacturer Suggested Single
Tool Price
Description Distributor
Last Updated
HS0005KCU01HActiveRenesas$1152.94On-Chip Debug Emulator E10A-USB12DIGI-KEY CORPORATIONUSJan.26.15
YRTA-HEWH8-1UActiveRenesas$1205.88HEW IDE & C Compiler H8 1 User + HW Key1DIGI-KEY CORPORATIONUSJan.26.15
YRTA-HEWH8-1UActiveRenesas$1205.88HEW IDE & C Compiler H8 1 User + HW Key1FUTURE ELECTRONICSUSJan.26.15
YRTA-HEWH8-1ULActiveRenesas$1534.53HEW IDE & C Compiler H8 1 User LAN2DIGI-KEY CORPORATIONUSJan.26.15
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