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Issue Date : 01/17/2011

Category : Low Power Architecture

R8C/35A Group Power Control Using Stop Mode

Applicable MCUs

R8C/32A Group
R8C/33A Group
R8C/35A Group
R8C/36A Group
R8C/38A Group
R8C/3GA Group
R8C/3JA Group
R8C/32C Group
R8C/33C Group
R8C/34C Group
R8C/35C Group
R8C/36C Group
R8C/38C Group
R8C/3GC Group
R8C/3JC Group
R8C/32D Group
R8C/33D Group
R8C/35D Group
R8C/3GD Group
R8C/32M Group
R8C/33M Group
R8C/34M Group
R8C/35M Group
R8C/36M Group
R8C/38M Group
R8C/3GM Group
R8C/3JM Group
R8C/3NT Group
R8C/3MQ Group

R8C/L35A, R8C/L35B Group
R8C/L36A, R8C/L36B Group
R8C/L38A, R8C/L38B Group
R8C/L3AA, R8C/L3AB Group
R8C/L35C Group
R8C/L36C Group
R8C/L38C Group
R8C/L3AC Group
R8C/L35M Group
R8C/L36M Group
R8C/L38M Group
R8C/L3AM Group


Application Notes (r01an0076ej_r8c.pdf) and Sample Codes (C Language Source Files, High-performance Embedded Workshop Project Files) are included.


Product Name File Name File Size Download Link
R8C/35A Group Power Control Using Stop Mode 2,143,019 bytes (2.04 Mbytes) Download

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